My First experience as a researcher started in 2001 and took 2 years. Sponsored by the Brazilian National Council and Technological Development (CNPq) in Brazil. I studied and contributed to the University through an automation, using LabView, on the process of characterisation of materials using the van der Pauw method.
My final project of extension course in Applied Business IT Management was researching the “Viability of implementation of Linux on mainframe.”
I took my full-time MSc in Network and e-business Centred Computing at the University of Reading, UK, where I got a Certificate of Outstanding Academic Achievements. I was sponsored by Erasmus Mundus Programme, and my dissertation was about “Developing a web application for supporting digital inclusion in Brazil”.
I took a full-time PhD in Computer Science at the University of Reading. My research was on the design and development of an “Intelligent system for personalised nutrition advice”. I was sponsored by CNPq via the “Science Without Borders” program. My research interestes are in health informatics,  human computer interaction, artificial intelligence and nutrition recommendation.