During my school years, it was not that simple to choose a degree, but I was sure about one area : Technology!
The course of Electrical Engineering opened my mind, and gave me a solid foundation for the next steps in this huge subject.
Being accepted as a IT Trainee in Serasa Experian has been one of the biggest achievements in my professional career, and a important preparation for work in strategical positions.
After almost a decade working for Experian, I started a executive career at Accenture, as an Emerging Technology Manager. It was a very exciting role in an outstanding company, but I made a hard decision of quiting due to my PhD.

I’m now working remotely as a freelancer software developer and researcher.
Some areas of interest to me are: IT innovation, human computer interaction, e-health, cybernetics, digital inclusion, cloud computing and IT Management.
As so my career began…